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Audrey Lasky | Health & Fitness Consulting

    Audrey Lasky, MS Edu

    Audrey Lasky was our guest speaker at the Executives Association of San Francisco business luncheon at the Marines’ Memorial Club on January 24. She presented an inspiring talk about her life journey. She is the survivor of the deadliest form of septic shock. Yet, by having the healthiest lifestyle possible for the six years prior, she was able to survive this ordeal against seemingly insurmountable odds. Now, more than 20 years later, she is stronger and fitter than ever. Her book, Get a C.L.E.W. For Life! is a guide for optimizing health and fitness for a lifetime by creating a massive shift in the paradigm by disseminating crucial health and fitness information based entirely on anatomy, physiology, the laws of physics and empirical evidence. 

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