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Keynote Speaker David Meltzer

    David Meltzer - Keynote speaker at the IEA Leadership Conference 2016

    We are excited to have David Meltzer as a keynote speaker at the International Executives Association ( Leadership Conference 2016, hosted by the founding chapter, the Executives Association of San Francisco, celebrating 100 years. Join us in San Francisco on November 3 to hear David talk about The Nth Power of Networking – and much more.

    A world-renowned thought leader and business strategist, Meltzer is one of the pioneers in the ever-changing online world of technology. David is an experienced entrepreneur and executive in the legal, technology, sports, and entertainment fields. He is a Forbes “Top 10 Keynote Speaker,” and an award-winning humanitarian and the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing. Meltzer is also the best-selling author of Connected To Goodness: Manifest Everything You Desire in Business and Life. His latest book, Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey to the Soul of Business, co-authored with Blaine Bartlett, speaks of an evolving economic system aimed at making money, helping people and having fun in the process.

    “ There’s an old organizational development joke that says, ‘We designed the perfect organization, then screwed it up by putting people in it.’ The human spirit doesn’t take kindly to captivity. People are infinitely complex. Each of us potentially represents the proto-organization. When all our organizational systems work in coherence and harmony is when the various parts that make you you coordinate well. The organization that I call me is healthy, vibrant, at ease, creative, growing, and generally set up to work well and thrive. This same phenomenon is true of both a simple at-home business and complex global organizations.” 

    — Excerpt from Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey to the Soul of Business

    Be sure to experience David Meltzer, an inspirational, dynamic speaker, and a Forbes’ “Top 10 Keynote Speakers You Must Hire For 2016”.

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    November 2 – 4, 2016. Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel, San Francisco.

    Connected Goodness - Book Cover

    Compassionate Capitalism Book Cover

    Connected Goodness

    Compassionate Capitalism

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